Legal Tech Success Stories: What LexCheck Users Are Saying

September 29, 2021
September 29, 2021
Gary Sangha | Founder & CEO

LexCheck’s contract review and negotiation platform enables corporate legal departments and procurement teams to reimagine the contract approval process—tasks that once required hours or days can now be completed in just two or three minutes. We spoke with Meghana Shetty Talavikar, Deputy General Manager of Legal Operations at Tata Communication; Rachita Maker, Vice President and Head of Legal Operations and Compliance at Tata Communication; and Connie Brenton, Vice President of Law Technology and Operations at NetApp to learn how LexCheck’s contract negotiations solution has streamlined their review, negotiation, and approval process.

Redlining and Automating Contract Review

Meghana Start: If I were to describe it in short-phrase, LexCheck is my dream assistant. 

Connie: LexCheck is a redlining AI technology that compares third-party paper against your own template and automatically redlines for you. 

Rachita: We did POC with at least 3 tools. After that, we had a 20-point review mechanism where we reviewed them on the technical capabilities, on the team, on ease of use and user comfort. We had a full rating system, and when we put all of it together in the spreadsheet, LexCheck was the clear winner for us. 

{% icon icon_set="fontawesome-5.14.0" name="quote-left" style="SOLID" height="18" purpose="decorative" title="quote-left icon" %}  LexCheck is my dream assistant.

Easy Implementation: No File Conversions Needed

Meghana: The main thing that we saw with LexCheck was that it was able to actually redline documents using the Word feature and no conversion was required. In fact, even a PDF document which was sent through to LexCheck was automatically [converted] to Word and redlined.

Saving Time and Training Costs with Automation

Connie: There isn't a lot of change management associated with the use of LexCheck because the AI technology works. You get success straight out of the gate. And as we all know, success begets success. 

When we implemented our first use case with LexCheck, we saw a 33% decrease in  time to execution, a 90% decrease in time to review and a 99% decrease in training. These kinds of results are wildly exhilarating. We never see results like this straight out of the gate. So we knew immediately that we had a winner. 

Rachita: Depending upon the type of document like Master Service Agreements that are around 50 to 75 pages, it can take any good commercial attorney 4-5 hours to review. But with LexCheck you can just send an email and in two minutes you get your redlined draft back, just like magic. I think the significance of that for our team is that we will be able to close a lot more deals.

33% Decrease in Time to Execution90% Decrease in Time to Review99% Decrease in Training


Intuitive Technology for Remote Environments

Connie: I was so grateful because when Covid hit, within minutes of closing the offices, we already had a digital solution for many of our agreement types. So, we were able to  automate and work in dispersed environments seamlessly.

For NetApp, LexCheck saved us time and money. It also freed up our attorneys to work on more complex deals. I would highly recommend LexCheck to others in the industry, 

LexCheck is easy to work with. It’s easy to implement, and it responds to changes, which you always have when you put in a new technology. The results are always  unparalleled. Thanks LexCheck.

LexCheck’s AI-powered platform enables corporate legal departments to unlock previously unimaginable efficiencies in contract review and negotiation. To learn more, reach out to us at or request a demo to experience the technology first-hand.  

3, 2, 1...LexGo

One and done. That’s all it takes to get value from LexCheck.

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