Legalweek 2022 Top Trends and Insights from LexCheck

March 28, 2022
March 28, 2022
Tracy Van Heer

The Legalweek conference was back in person from March 8-11, 2022 for the first time in more than two years. For many lawyers, Legalweek in February 2020 was the last time they gathered at a major industry event before the onset of the pandemic.

It has been a tough two years!

Legalweek is the largest and longest-running legal conference in America. Sending some of our A-Listers; Chase Levitt, our CTO Mike Ross, and of course myself, we were thrilled to attend this year. We walked every inch of the floor. We talked to many vendors, attorneys, and legal operators, gleaning insights on what is most important to lawyers and legal teams today.

Here are some of the most prominent and interesting topics that came up for discussion:

  • Will the price of legal services continue to increase? Will clients push back? And how will this disrupt legal teams’ current processes and workflows?

  • Is the ‘Great Resignation’ fact or fiction? Is remote work here to stay, or should we be getting ready for the ‘Great Return’?

  • How are legal organizations of all shapes and sizes planning to compete for talent?

  • Where are the best employment opportunities for today’s attorneys?

  • With all of the "end-to-end" and other technologies out there, what should the ideal technology stack look like to help teams manage contract intake, negotiation, execution, and storage?

  • What emerging technologies are legal operations teams putting on their wish list?

  • AI (artificial intelligence) – Is it at a point where it can provide real business impact? Are the rumors true that AI can negotiate contracts nearly as well as attorneys?

Truly a diverse set of topics, but there’s a common theme of how lawyers can adapt to the post-COVID work environment as well as harness new technologies to advance their business goals.

If you attended Legalweek, what were your key takeaways? And either way, do the questions above resonate with you and your team?

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