Save Time and Money on Legal Operations Training with Automated Contract Review

November 4, 2021
November 4, 2021
Gary Sangha | Founder & CEO

The need to streamline legal operations training has increased in recent years, with legal teams experiencing heightened pressure to minimize costs while delivering timely and accurate contract reviews. Gartner has found the most cost-effective legal departments invest significantly in training. Rather than outsourcing, they’ve found ways to harness new technology to retain in-house review and negotiation capabilities.

Corporate legal departments save money on legal operations training with LexCheck AI software

LexCheck’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered contract negotiation platform supports legal team training while ensuring agreements comply fully with company standards. An automated contract review solution like LexCheck supports team members throughout the legal department—from newly-hired associates who gain confidence while learning company standards to senior-level reviewers who can experience fewer escalations and concentrate on higher-value, strategic tasks.

Legal Operations Training Is Costly

Traditional legal operations training formats include:

  • Job sharing and shadowing 
  • Training courses / upskilling
  • Conferences, seminars, and webinars
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Q&A sessions and town halls
  • Company newsletters 
  • Software tools

While training is necessary to maintain accuracy and efficiency, it can drain resources and reduce productivity if not well-managed. The most efficient legal departments are turning to comprehensive platforms with automated training protocols that leverage innovations such as artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Legal Operations Training Software Powered by AI

Gartner estimates some 63 percent of corporate legal work can be standardized. In the past, new hires would need to learn their company’s digital playbook and painstakingly cross-reference it when reviewing agreements. When the new associate completed their review, one or more senior attorneys would check the agreement for accuracy and playbook adherence. The entire process could take weeks. Automating legal operations training with advanced AI solutions allows corporate legal departments to perform contract redlining, review, and negotiations in a matter of minutes.  

AI Digital Playbooks Ensure Adherence

Legal teams initiate the AI-powered contract review process by uploading or emailing an agreement to the platform. LexCheck automatically compares the contract draft to the AI Digital Playbook and past accepted contracts, implementing full redlining, auto-suggestions, and context-based guidance in just minutes.

Streamlined Contract Review Processes Save Time

LexCheck can automatically apply pre-approved changes to eliminate the need for mid-level reviews. Risky clauses will require oversight by a senior-level reviewer, but overall escalations will decrease. As a result, legal departments can conserve more time and money to allot to other targeted training while the AI completes routine contract review and negotiation.

Automated Contract Negotiation Improves Results

Traditional processes often require excessive back-and-forth emailing between parties. Questions arise that demand clarification or context. An AI contract platform automates the approval process by delivering a redlined contract with playbook-compliant, context-based suggestions.

Case Study: LexCheck Saves Legal Operations Training Costs

NetApp, a multibillion-dollar cloud data management company, handles a high volume of sponsorship agreements. Before partnering with LexCheck, NetApp’s procurement team would review agreements, identify deviations from their preferred legal guidelines, and create executive summaries outlining risks. Individual subject matter experts would then evaluate each decision and recommend alternate positions or compromises before signing off on the contracts. This manual process drained company resources. 

LexCheck offers an advanced, automated, “light-touch” solution that enabled the NetApp team to work significantly faster and reduce total cycle-time by an impressive 33%. LexCheck’s AI is able to determine the acceptability of contract language, redline potentially risky clauses, and present a summary of findings to business stakeholders in less than five minutes. As a result, NetApp was able to reduce review time by 90 percent, time-to-execution by 33 percent, and training costs by 99 percent. 

Click here to listen to our customers describe the transformation in their own words.

LexCheck’s award-winning legal platform enables corporate legal departments to streamline and transform legal operations training. To learn more, contact us at Request a demo to experience the technology first-hand.


Gary Sangha | Founder & CEO

Gary Sangha is the Founder and CEO LexCheck. He's a serial entrepreneur and an academic. Gary previously founded Intelligize, a legal technology company that was acquired by LexisNexis. He's affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University and started his career as an attorney at Shearman & Sterling and White & Case.

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