What Is Logic Programming in AI and How Does It Improve Contract Review?

July 21, 2022
July 21, 2022
Gary Sangha | Founder & CEO


Artificial intelligence (AI) includes high-level, automated programming systems that, when combined with logic-based programming, can easily encode human knowledge and abilities in a compact and usable way. To date, AI-based contracting software represents the most sophisticated technology on the market, yet some businesses are still on the fence about its true potential. Can it ever truly replace legal department staff, for example? The short answer is no: AI based on logic programming will not replace the human element any time soon, but it can solve a number of unique challenges more efficiently.

What Is Logic Programming in AI?

Logic programming follows a series of rules to make inferences based on all available data. Computer programmers define a series of predicates that build up a base of existing logic. Predicates are the internal building blocks used to process and connect large amounts of data, create formulas, and form sensible conclusions. Logic languages like Prolog, Java, and C run without the need for manual intervention. After analyzing specific rules, facts, and stated goals, programs with this underlying foundation attempt to derive the best possible solution.

How Logic Programming in AI Expedites Tedious Contract Work

For legal teams, logic programming based on AI  can:

  • Standardize processes: With the creation of an AI Digital Playbook, contracting software can compare newly drafted clauses to pre-approved boilerplate language—rapidly searching for deviations, errors, and omissions in the process. Leveraging software to enforce standardized language in contract drafts can greatly reduce the time needed for manual review. 
  • Expedite training: Teaching new staff members where to find reference documents and how to compare drafts is a time-consuming process. With the aid of AI based on logic programming, however, new employees can conduct risk analysis to determine where their time is best spent. The most advanced AI utilizes Natural Language Processing technology to make contextual recommendations in drafts and highlight sections of text to justify logical decisions. This is a great help to anyone who’s learning how to resourcefully review contracts.
  • Expedite communications: Many contracts languish in back-and-forth emails. A contract can be fully redlined by AI in less than five minutes and auto-forwarded to the appropriate parties. Those same parties have better visibility into the process when software is used to alleviate bottlenecks.

  • Automate markup: Not only does contracting software quickly review and redline drafts, but it can also implement any recommendations with the click of a button. Going one step further, attorneys can configure custom “if/then” rules to automate common corrections in certain workflows; for example, when updating the delivery parameters on a previous contract to reflect recent changes in the supply chain.

Can Logic Programming in AI Really Deliver?

LexCheck puts your business at the forefront of intelligent contracting, which is rapidly becoming the new standard process for pre-execution agreement review. It’s built using the latest in logic programming and AI, leveraging the former to provide faster and more efficient contract review. 

Though there are multiple types of AI, LexCheck’s AI uses conditional logic, which gives reviewers the advanced ability to automate portions of their work. The system’s algorithms work well out of the box, but also refine over time based on contextual cues and reviewer feedback. And the result? Reduced contract approval times by up to 80%.

What is logic programming in AI? LexCheck can show you. It’s an award-winning contract review and negotiation solution that’s used by legal teams around the world. Contact us at sales@lexcheck.com for more information, or schedule a free demo to see the technology in action.

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