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LexCheck’s contract negotiation platform offers the best risk analysis software enabling contract reviewers and negotiators to future-proof their agreements guided by artificial intelligence (AI).

LexCheck compares contracts to predefined playbook standards, a proprietary database of “best practice” cases, to spot outlying provisions, errors, omissions, and risks that would normally require a highly-trained attorney to review.

How Critical Is Contract Risk Analysis for Businesses?

  • Forrester reports that 48% of businesses experience risk from an inability to proactively detect problematic contract language.
  • Poor contract management can cost companies 9% of their bottom line.
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Enforce Company Standards with an AI Digital Playbook

LexCheck can be used to drive consistency of most common contract types, such as Non-Disclosures Agreements, Master Service Agreements, and Software Licensing Agreements and virtually any other standard agreement type. It can also:

  • Specify standard terms, universal language, and approved fallback clauses.
  • Analyze contracts for outlying provisions and vague language.
  • Scan agreements in minutes to identify and automatically adjust any clauses that are evaluated as unacceptable.

Identify and Escalate Risky Contract Language in Minutes

LexCheck utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its proprietary AI Digital Playbook to scan contracts, assess context, and rapidly identify contract language that matters most to your legal department—in just minutes.

  • AI Guidance delivered in only minutes to help Procurement and Sales teams self-negotiate less-risky agreement changes
  • Locate, flag and automatically adjust risky clauses that fall outside of company guidelines
  • “Risk-free” changes can by-pass legal review altogether and expedite to business signature, dramatically reducing contract negotiation cycle times

Triage Changes to Your Standard Forms and Intelligently Escalate On-Demand

After LexCheck has reviewed and assessed 3rd party changes to your standard forms, it will provide a risk assessment of these changes per your LexCheck AI Digital Playbook.

  • “Red” issues can automatically be escalated to Legal for a governed response.
  • “Yellow” issues can be assessed and self-negotiated with situationally correct guidance to the individuals managing the negotiation.
  • “Green” issues can be automatically accepted and incorporated in the response document.

How to Transform Contract Negotiations with an AI Digital Playbook

  • Achieve business self-sufficiency with AI digital contract negotiation playbooks
  • Industrialize legal brilliance
  • Automate processes and eliminate contracting risk
  • Accelerate negotiation and deal cycles

Experience the Best Risk Analysis Software with LexCheck

LexCheck’s AI-powered contract negotiation platform represents the forefront of contract risk analysis software and offers an intuitive and easy solution for corporate legal, sales, and procurement teams. LexCheck’s cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with MS Word, email, and the other CLM tools you already use. Contact LexCheck to learn how AI can help streamline your contract risk analysis and negotiations.

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Why Now?

Advances in AI and NLP within the last five years have made it possible to fully automate risk analysis of contract negotiations and even enable business self-service for many common contract negotiation tasks, freeing internal legal teams to focus on more impactful tasks. Adoption of these new technologies is gaining momentum, which is why Gartner predicts 75% of enterprises will be in the “full operations” stage of their AI implementations by 2024.


LexCheck provides an industry-leading platform for reviewing and negotiating Contracts using AI. To learn more, contact us at or request a demo.

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