Faster Redlines. Shorter Deal Cycles.

Improve your legal team's performance and culture with instant redlines on incoming contracts.

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Optimize Contract Negotiations

LexCheck provides a new approach to AI-powered review that accurately tackles the most tedious parts of contract management—
reviewing, editing, and negotiating contracts.

Turn Contracts

Instant redlines make negotiations move faster and make your clients happier.

Increase Revenue Recognition

Don’t delay sales cycles—bring speed and value to your deal processes.

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Ensure compliance through AI-powered adherence to your playbook guidelines.

with Ease

Simplify contracting with an easy-to-use technology that provides high ROI.

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Transform Your Contract Review Process

Legal teams are inundated with ever-increasing workloads that are becoming harder to manage.

LexCheck solves this problem with digital playbooks—based on industry best practices or customized to each company’s contracting standards—that automate first-pass contract reviews by delivering redlines, comments, and contextual insertions and deletions and automatically escalating deviations from playbook-preferred positions in minutes.

Explore NetApp's Success Story

Revolutionizing Contract Negotiation at NetApp

See how cloud data management company NetApp has transformed its sponsorship agreement review process using LexCheck.

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Reduction in total time
to contract execution


Reduction in time spent
reviewing contracts


Reduction in contract
playbook training costs

Our Customers Love What We Do


“LexCheck eliminated an entire step of the process, reducing what used to take hours to a matter of minutes while also increasing the quality and consistency of the work.”

Connie Brenton
VP, Law, Technology and Operations

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"The concept is really good. Simple automatic revisions and provision pick-ups are at practical levels of use. It can significantly help avoid careless mistakes for even experienced members."

Senior Legal Specialist

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"LexCheck allowed us to apply sophisticated technology at a very specific pain point that let us very clearly measure whether we hit our target ROI."

Frank Odlum
Senior Director at the National Office of Risk Management


“We can breathe now. We have more time to focus on negotiations, which also reduces the back-and-forth between us and the clients. The new turnaround time is just unbelievably amazing.”

Amanda Richards
General Counsel

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