Take the “cons” out of contracting.

LexCheck’s contract review platform leverages advances in technology to maximize individual and organizational performance.

Increase Performance

Your legal team will easily achieve better and more consistent results thanks to the in-depth insights availble to you from LexCheck’s analytics engine and reports.

Accelerate Review

Contract review can be a transaction bottleneck, but it doesn’t have to be. LexCheck allows legal teams to work how they want at speeds they never dreamed of.

Mitigate Risk

There’s a reason people say “We’re only human.” Even top legal minds trade accuracy for speed. LexCheck uses cutting-edge technology to ensure users instantly spot issues.

Conserve Resources

LexCheck’s suite of utilities will pay for itself by accelerating tedious time-consuming tasks and freeing up users to spend their valuable time working on higher value processes.

LexCheck checks all of the boxes, so you don’t have to.

Standardizes common legal processes for everyday ease.
Accelerates tasks by eliminating time-wasting activities.
Analyzes current performance for improvement opportunities.

LexCheck works for…

LexCheck helps large law firms better meet the expectations of demanding clients, while minimizing written-off work. The LexCheck contract review products serve as a reliable and efficient complement to your law practice.
LexCheck can emulate the support staff small and medium-sized law firms need to compete against larger firms. Attorneys can free themselves of tedious review tasks and instead focus on strategic, value-driving activities.
The LexCheck platform will provide you with all the tools you need to meet today’s ever-increasing business demands. Improve the experience of your contract reviewers while allowing managers to get a better handle on team pain points and ensure contracts are being reviewed as intended.
The LexCheck contract review platform allows business teams to leverage the experience and expertise of their legal departments with the click of a button. Reduce the need to coordinate schedules or dig out time for a call.