AI Contract Negotiation

Taking AI Contract Negotiation to the Next Level

Take Control of All your Organization’s Negotiations and Never be in the Dark Again

  • Eliminate Supplier Friction and Optimize Supply Chain Negotiations
  • Enable On-Demand Support to Your Sales Team and Optimize their Client Negotiations
  • Monitor and Securely Audit Proposals, Revisions and Counterproposals
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Introducing Negotiation Aware AI

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Leave Nothing on the Table and Reduce Negotiation Time by More than 50%
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Eliminate Pointless Give-away Positions that Prolong Negotiations Needlessly
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Streamline Negotiation Bottlenecks and Eliminate Entire Steps from your Approval Processes
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Monitor in Real-time Position Compliance and Ensure Required Approval Escalations

Round Two and Beyond

  • Full AI-powered multi-round negotiation support
  • Negotiation-aware and context sensitive AI Playbook integration
  • Intelligent fallback, auto-revision, previewing and overrides
  • Native Microsoft Word AI markups and analysis – no file conversions required!
  • Negotiation Terms monitoring and auto-approval escalation
  • Secure negotiation audit trail for all parties
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Level-up Your CLM

  • Route Documents Automatically to LexCheck for Review and Revision against AI Digital Playbook Positions
  • Seamless and Secure REST API or Email-based Integration with all major CLM and Process Workflow Systems
  • Eliminate Entire Steps in your Approval Processes
  • AI Aware Negotiation Auto-Escalates Agreements to the Proper Approval Authorities Reliably Prior to Agreement Execution

Case Study

Revolutionizing Contract Negotiation at NetApp

With LexCheck’s AI-powered Contract Negotiation Platform, cloud data management solutions company NetApp transformed its sponsorship agreement review process.

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Reduction in total time to execution
Reduction in time spent reviewing contracts
Reduction in contract playbook training costs
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Contract Complexity Value Continuum

LexCheck brings transformative value to the entire continuum of contract negotiation, ranging from repetitive commercial contracts to bespoke high-value transactions. Standardized agreements can achieve high degrees of automation savings, approaching full self-service eview and approval.

Organization playbook standards, compliance matters and risk assessment can be automated and ensured at scale.
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How to Transform Contract Negotiations with an AI Digital Playbook

  • Achieve business self-sufficiency with AI digital contract negotiation playbooks
  • Industrialize legal brilliance
  • Automate processes and eliminate contracting risk
  • Accelerate negotiation and deal cycles