Digitization of the Contract
Negotiation Playbook

Transitioning to an AI-powered Digital Playbook eliminates the shortcomings of reliance on enterprise-wide adherence to an analog playbook during contract negotiations.

LexCheck AI Digital Playbooks have really unique and powerful features:

  • Can be built using less than 25 training samples
  • Deliver attorney-quality redlining in mere minutes
  • Strictly adheres to the guidance of your playbook
  • Can be easily revised as guidance changes
  • Intake is as simple as emailing the document to be reviewed
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What is an AI Digital Playbook?

Most large enterprises struggle to adhere to, let alone develop, a contract negotiation playbook. This, in turn, deprives them of enormous benefits and may even result in suboptimal contract negotiations that actually harm the enterprise.

LexCheck AI Digital Playbooks will industrialize your legal capabilities, providing AI-powered attorney quality review, markups, and ensuring adherence to contracting and negotiation best practices at enterprise scale.

How to Transform Contract Negotiations with an AI Digital Playbook

  • Achieve business self-sufficiency with AI digital contract negotiation playbooks
  • Industrialize legal brilliance
  • Automate processes and eliminate contracting risk
  • Accelerate negotiation and deal cycles

LexCheck AI Digital Playbooks have a
myriad of unique and powerful features

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Deliver automated attorney-quality redlining and guidance
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Easily revise AI behavior when guidance changes
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Leverage AI to ensure strict adherence to the guidance in the Digital Playbook
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Make intake as simple as emailing the document to be reviewed
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Return a redlined and marked-up version of the document in minutes

Delivers Real-Time On-Demand Legal Support to the Entire Enterprise

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing

Provides Critical Contracting AI Services to Virtually All Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • High Tech
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Professional Services
  • Insurance