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Digital playbooks help organizations cut costs, reduce risk, and close deals faster.

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Organizations expect their legal teams to mitigate risk—without overspending.

But they can’t cut corners. Contracts are inherently risky—noncompliance with terms can open the business up to liability. And the risk of noncompliance goes up when contracts don’t adhere to the business’s standard terms. Meanwhile, organizations are losing out on deals due to delays and inefficiencies in contracting.

Businesses need a way to cost-effectively streamline the initial contract review and redlining process so they can smoothly negotiate their desired terms, avoid the risk of non-standard terms and noncompliance, and move on to the next deal.

That’s what digital playbooks do.

What Is a Digital Playbook?

A playbook provides a clear statement of an organization’s standardized, preapproved contract terms against which any new contract can be compared.

A digital playbook goes further by enabling automation of the contract review process. With a digital playbook, organizations can compare new contracts to industry and internal standards and receive a fully redlined and annotated version in just minutes.

Digital playbooks are the key to creating consistency across all contract negotiations—saving time and money while reducing risk.

Digital Playbook

The Benefits of a Digital Playbook

Automate Contract
Automate contract
review processes
Reduce Risks
Reduce risk by
creating consistency
Accelerate Negotiations
Accelerate negotiations
and deal cycles
Apply Digital Playbooks to Your Negotiations
  •   Leverage AI to ensure strict adherence to your organization’s digital playbook
  •   No need to reinvent your workflow—just email us the document you want reviewed
  •   Receive a redlined and annotated version of your contract in just minutes
  •   Start today using industry-standard playbooks or we can create one with as few as 25 samples
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Apply Digital Playbooks

Learn How You Can Optimize Your Contract Negotiations

Read our latest guide, 7 Steps to Optimize Your Contract Review Process, to learn how technology can help you:
  •   Assess your current contracting position and process
  •   Use digital playbooks for common contract types
  •  Minimize risk by ensuring compliance with your digital playbooks
  •   Leverage your success to continually improve your contracting processes
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