Contract Playbooks

Lower risk with total consistency

Contract playbooks are used to train the AI on your negotiation best practices, accelerating the review process.
Core Playbooks
Ready-to-use for contract review across standard commercial contracts
Custom Playbooks
Customized for your company's unique contracting needs and negotiation guidelines

Why do you need contract playbooks?

Every organization faces liability. Ensuring company-wide consistency in contract negotiations is critical to managing risk and maximizing sales.

Centralized knowledge

Ensure your preferred legal position is always applied.

Rapid implementation

Ready-to-use market-standard  playbooks can be deployed today.

Easy updates

Simple revisions can be made to your playbooks if your legal position changes.

Instantly adopt best practices with core playbooks 

Developed with input from Fortune 500 legal teams, core playbooks offer near-instant implementation. They are suitable for standard commercial contracts, such as NDAs and software license agreements.

Cater for specific niches with custom playbooks

Our contract acceleration team can customize playbooks to navigate the demands of specific industries or organizational requirements.
“LexCheck’s technology speeds legal review by leveraging the limited time and high cost of talented attorneys to close deals and revenue in record time.”
Miriam Rivera
CEO, Ulu Ventrures

Playbooks ensure consistency during everyday contract review

Instant redlines

Receive consistent markups in minutes—not hours—regardless of the reviewer’s skill level.

Issue spotting

Triage potential issues that deviate from preferred positions or require additional contract review.

Intelligence & analytics

Identify trends in negotiations to examine highly contested terms and optimize company positions over time utilizing contract analysis.

3, 2, 1...LexGo

One and done. That’s all it takes to get value from LexCheck.

Level up your contract review

Read our latest guide, ‘7 steps to optimize your contract review process, to learn how legal tech can help you:
Assess your current contracting position and process
Use contract playbooks for common contract types
Minimize risk by ensuring compliance with your playbooks
Continually improve your contract review processes
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