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No more manual contract work with Copilot—powered by Large Language Models and LexCheck’s proprietary technology.
Increased capacity
Own your schedule and put time back in your hands
Reduced risk
Catch common errors and prevent oversight
Accelerated contracts
Draft, edit, and review faster, with greater accuracy
Efficient workflows
Keep your work in one place—right in Microsoft Word

Contracts like never before

Streamline contract drafting, reviewing, and editing processes with Copilot’s AI-powered contract tools and real-time feedback.

Automated assistance

Leverage AI to automatically proofread, suggest edits, generate clauses, and mutualize provisions.

Instant feedback

Surface issues in seconds, then view and correct them directly in 
the document.

Thorough analysis

Get comprehensive insights into your defined terms, cross references, and identify missing language.

3, 2, 1...LexGo

One and done. That’s all it takes to get value from LexCheck.

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