LexCheck Introduces AI-Powered DealDesk Services to Accelerate Deals

December 2023

Combined with the power of LexCheck’s contract acceleration software, DealDesk enables businesses to close deals quickly and confidently

NEW YORK – Dec. 14, 2023 – LexCheck, the leading AI-powered contract acceleration and intelligence platform, today announced an expansion of its offerings with the launch of LexCheck DealDesk services. This offering combines the expertise of contract lawyers with LexCheck’s AI-powered contract review solution to provide end-to-end negotiation services at a fraction of the cost. DealDesk expands LexCheck’s contract acceleration capabilities to help businesses close deals faster and more reliably. 

Legal backlogs in the contracting process often cause delays that can kill deals and slow deal flow. More than 50% of organizations reported that contract process inefficiencies cost them business. Teams must navigate tumultuous deal cycles and unpredictable surges in workload, especially when approaching month and quarter end. This “lumpy” deal flow complicates resource allocation and disrupts workflows, project management and overall business planning. LexCheck aims to help large organizations manage contract overflow during peak times and support smaller organizations with more cost-effective contract negotiations. DealDesk allows businesses to accelerate sales velocity and return on investment to stay ahead of the competition. 

"The path ahead for every business involves a workforce amplified by the capabilities of AI, and through DealDesk, we're harnessing this hybrid model to help businesses increase deal velocity," said Gary Sangha, CEO and founder of LexCheck. "Today's rigid staffing constraints pose a significant hurdle in managing contract surges—especially during peak seasons—even with AI-powered tech. To help our customers overcome these challenges, we're launching LexCheck DealDesk—a solution designed to finalize deals in days, not weeks.”

“Having used LexCheck for a number of years, I know firsthand the value their technology adds to contracting processes," said Connie Brenton, co-founder of LegalOps.com. "With LexCheck, we’ve been able to eliminate an entire step of our process, drastically reduce time spent reviewing contracts and allocate resources to other business-critical work. I’m a strong believer in their AI’s ability to accelerate deal processes, just as it’s done for our legal operations.”

LexCheck’s DealDesk features market-leading AI and unrivaled legal expertise. The offering provides full-scale negotiation services for many contract types, including NDAs, SaaS agreements, MSAs and more, at a lower cost than traditional solutions and boasts the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As a result, businesses can close deals more quickly while cutting operating expenses and reducing risk.

LexCheck also offers industry-leading AI-driven contract review software, accelerating contract drafting, reviewing and editing.

To learn more about LexCheck’s DealDesk services, visit www.lexcheck.com

About LexCheck

LexCheck is the leading contract acceleration and intelligence platform. LexCheck's award-winning AI technology and unparalleled services deliver on this promise by providing the highest quality revisions with the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Businesses with LexCheck close deals faster. To learn more, visit https://www.lexcheck.com/

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