Standardize, scale, and speed up contract review

Consistently apply your negotiation guidelines to incoming documents—contract playbooks are always on and ready to go.

Helping legal flow

Rapid review
Consistent redlines, suggestions and deletions are delivered in minutes.
More headspace
Your best resources should be focused on the biggest problems —not rote and repetitive tasks.
Better relationships
Elevate your position in the business by making all stakeholders happier.

“We were able to take a surgical approach using LexCheck, getting very granular. They turned around a nice product for us. It provided a very measurable result and a great ROI.”

Frank Odlum
Senior Director
National Office of Risk Management, RSM

Do more with less.
Sound familiar?

The legal team is frequently asked to work miracles: minimize risk while increasing pace! The good news is that AI is here to deliver the highest standard contract reviews in less time and with total consistency.
1 in 3
Large organizations are aiming for cost savings of 30% or more.

Apply effective business and technical practices to your team

Case Studies

Supporting flow between Legal and Procurement at NetApp

See how NetApp eliminated an entire step of their contracting process.

How legal AI helps businesses work smarter

As legal teams struggle with budget cuts and increased workloads, automation transforms the path forward.

Learn how you can optimize your contract negotiations

Read our latest guide, ‘7 steps to optimize your contract review process,’ to learn how AI legal tech can help you.

3, 2, 1...LexGo

One and done. That’s all it takes to get value from LexCheck.

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