Deliver legal-grade markups to corporate contracts

Operate with less risk and more independence with AI contract review software.

Helping procurement flow

Increased autonomy
Deliver first-pass redlines without having to consult legal.
Reduced risk
Return high-quality, consistent contract reviews in minutes.
Accelerated processes
Keep operations flowing by only escalating contentious issues.

“Its software will revolutionize not just our sponsorship review process, but many other aspects of our contracting business as well.”

Connie Brenton
Vice President
Law, Technology & Operations, NetApp

Move fast without breaking things

Procurement is the first line of defense against risk entering the business. While aiming to maintain high standards, the pressure to keep contracts flowing comes from every department.

LexCheck alleviates the strain by rapidly checking corporate contracts for risk, allowing procurement to operate at pace with total confidence.
CEOs want a more data-driven approach to risk management.

Apply effective business and technical practices to your team

Case Studies

Supporting flow between Legal and Procurement at NetApp

See how NetApp eliminated an entire step of their contracting process.

Leveraging legal AI to extract business value

Advances in automation allow companies to extract greater value from their contracts by accelerating deals and reducing risks.

Learn how you can optimize your contract negotiations

Read our latest guide, ‘7 steps to optimize your contract review process,’ to learn how AI legal tech can help you.

3, 2, 1...LexGo

One and done. That’s all it takes to get value from LexCheck.

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