LexCheck Announces New Toronto-based AI Delivery Center

March 8, 2021
March 8, 2021
Gary Sangha | Founder & CEO

LexCheck's Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered contract negotiation platform is transforming contract negotiations for many of the world's largest enterprises.

Toronto, Canada, March 3, 2021 /Legal Newswire/LexCheck, global provider of the world’s only true AI-powered Contract Negotiation Platform, today announced a significant business expansion by opening a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Delivery Center in Toronto, Canada.  LexCheck provides near instantaneous attorney-quality redlining and content review for virtually all business agreements while ensuring compliance with organizational playbook guidance.  The Toronto AI Delivery Center represents a sizable expansion of LexCheck’s ability to service its global large enterprise customers.  The new AI Delivery Center will support the development and delivery of client-unique AI Digital Playbooks for contract negotiations.

“Rapid growth and increasing demand for AI-powered Contract Negotiation has necessitated expanding LexCheck’s access to legal and AI technical skills,” said Gary Sangha, CEO and Founder of LexCheck. “Canada, and Toronto in particular, offers a robust metropolitan area for recruiting such talent with significant cost advantages.  Toronto’s location in the Eastern time zone and abundance of world-class technical and legal resources ideally positions it to support our North American and other global clients.”  LexCheck continues to broaden its reach and leadership of the AI Contract Negotiation market with this new expansion.  LexCheck’s new AI Delivery Center will focus on:

  •        Development of client AI Digital Playbooks
  •        Support for existing global large enterprise clients
  •        Natural Language Processing (NLP) & AI research and development
  •        Global business development support

“The Toronto AI Delivery Center represents our first significant expansion outside of the United States but is only the first of several other planned LexCheck expansions soon to be announced to meet our burgeoning global demand,” said Sangha.  More information on LexCheck’s Contract Negotiation Platform and proprietary AI Digital Playbook Framework can be found here.

About LexCheck

LexCheck is transforming the way corporate legal works by employing AI to entirely automate the process of an in-house attorney’s review of common contract agreements.  Employing state-of-the-art AI technology, LexCheck can completely replace the need for human review of commonly executed agreements.  LexCheck does not just negotiate an agreement as an experienced attorney would; LexCheck negotiates an agreement the same way a given company’s in-house attorney would, adhering to the company’s own internal negotiation playbook and best practices.  LexCheck is the world’s most effective AI-based contract negotiation solution, delivered by qualified legal professionals who work closely with their clients to incorporate the client’s own unique negotiating positions into the LexCheck AI.  For more information, visit www.LexCheck.com.


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LexCheck’s AI-powered contract negotiation platform can help you return a fully reviewed contract in just minutes. To learn more, try a free demo or contact us at sales@lexcheck.com.

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