Deliver consistent and rapid contract review

AI-powered contract review software tirelessly evaluates every contract and catches deviations from your preferred position—in minutes.
Automate inbound contract review
Reduce review time by up to 90%
Free legal to focus on high-value, strategic work
Deal velocity
Shorten deal cycles and generate revenue faster

Apply your collective legal expertise
to every contract, every time

Developed by legal professionals, LexCheck understands the nuance of contract review and consistently evaluates every word, in every contract, without exception.

Create consistency

Align your team around a contract playbook so that everyone understands your position.

Leverage excellence

Automatically apply your contracting best practices to every contract reviewed.

Automate markups

Deliver contextual comments, insertions, and deletions, so that the original contract remains largely intact.

Supercharge your contract review

Simply email or upload your contract to the platform and receive a markup in less than 5 minutes.
“LexCheck eliminated an entire step of the process, reducing what took hours to a matter of minutes while also increasing the quality and consistency of the work.”
Connie Brenton
Vice President
Law, Technology & Operations, NetApp

Upgrade your commercial contract review processes

Working with your legal team, we develop contract playbooks that automate the review of NDAs, software license agreements, and other types of contracts to accelerate your deal flow.

Level-up your contract lifecycle management process

Our platform is built to seamlessly integrate with your CLM solution. Leverage our contract acceleration capabilities to optimize the negotiation phase of the contract lifecycle.

3, 2, 1...LexGo

One and done. That’s all it takes to get value from LexCheck.

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