Automated Contract Review:
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LexCheck is a high-impact, low-touch contract review alternative for the pre-execution phase, where the impact to ROI is tenfold as compared with traditional CLM, post-execution focused repository solutions.
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True AI powered real-time, attorney-quality contract negotiation markups

Playbook guided, context-sensitive insertions

Contextually validated contract language adjustments and deletions

Inline insertion of explanatory notation and best practice guidance

Level-Up Your CLM

Is your enterprise using a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system that fails to improve how you negotiate or to speed dealflow?
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Contract Complexity Value Continuum

LexCheck brings transformative value to the entire continuum of contract drafting, ranging from repetitive commercial contracts to bespoke high-value transactions. Standardized agreements can achieve high degrees of automation savings, approaching full self-service review.

Organization playbook standards, compliance matters and risk assessment can be controlled at scale.

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Case Study: RSM Transforms
NDA Negotiation Process
with LexCheck

With LexCheck, RSM cut contract review time by more than half for non-disclosure agreements, speeding deal flow and dramatically improving response times.
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Elastic Enterprise Architecture

LexCheck’s Amazon Web Services cloud computing foundation ensures robust data security and frictionless scalability for organizations of any size and contracts of any complexity

AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure enables secure deployment to nearly any desired region for compliance with GDPR and other data privacy requirements

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Contracting Transformation at
Your Own Pace

Not Ready for an Expensive Overhaul of Your IT Infastructure to Accommodate CLM?

Not a problem. LexCheck seamlessly integrates into existing enterprise IT infrastructures, minimizing the impact of deployment and adding immediate value as compared to the monolithic systems integration efforts required by legacy CLM vendors.
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