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Stand out amongst competitors with innovative, cost-effective contract review technology.

Impress clients and improve performance

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Increase your book of business by leading with innovative legal services.
Protect profitability
When client work is delivered rapidly, write offs are reduced.
Increase capacity
Streamline low-value work and improve bandwidth for strategic, high-value work.

Automate contract review for your practice

Law firms frequently complete contracting work on a fixed-fee arrangement, which often leads to write-offs. By accelerating contract review, your lawyers deliver client work in near real-time—improving overall profitability and freeing time for more rewarding, career-building legal work.

Apply effective AI contract review strategies to your law firm

Case Studies

Supporting flow between Legal and Procurement at NetApp

See how NetApp eliminated an entire step of their contracting process.

Reviewing contracts: What to look for to ensure maximum ROI

How to efficiently implement tech and accelerate your contract reviews while demonstrating the value of your investment.

Learn how you can optimize your contract negotiations

Read our latest guide, ‘7 steps to optimize your contract review process,’ to learn how AI legal tech can help you.

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